With today being the end of August many of us are feeling those end of Summer blues and wanting to keep that sunny weather with us as long as possible. Well, there are some real reasons why getting outside and moving our bodies in the great outdoors is actually helpful to our physical and spiritual well being

Here are some benefits to exercising outside:

  1. It’s a Natural Anti-depressant- Outdoor exercise can help us fight seasonal depression and anxiety with the exposure to all that glorious sunlight.
  2. It Provides Variety – Especially if we mix up the paths we take an outdoor trail will provide hills and valleys, breaks and challenging sections a treadmill could never match.
  3. Community Bonding- Often when we exercise outdoors we do so with friends and family or we interact with strangers who are also exercising. This helps us feel a part of something bigger than ourselves and can help motivate us to keep going with our fitness goals
  4. Nature is Inspiring- Most of us spend so much of our time staring at screens whether computer or our phones and we some times need a break! Getting out into nature can help clear our minds and remind us of how much more there is to life than our screens and devices!

What about you? What do you love about exercising outdoors?

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