In this series diving into the ingredients in the Zim’s line of pain relief liquids I have so far stuck to naturally occurring products like aloe vera and arnica. Well, today we are taking a different approach by looking at an important compound, menthol, that is made of organic ingredients but produced synthetically.


Menthol is derived from natural sources like peppermint, eucalyptus plants and more. It is designed so when it hits our skin there is a cooling sensation or relief. It doesn’t actually lower the temperature of the skin but instead it blocks the calcium along the “nerves responsible for detecting temperature. The message that the individual receives via the nerve endings is that the skin or body is cooling”

It is this cooling sensation that makes menthol such a great ingredient for things like the Zim’s pain relief cooling liquids. Pain relief is partly a mental game and the signals of cooling menthol helps nerves to relax and feel less pain. It’s truly mind over matter!

Menthol is particularly helpful when we have burns or skin that has been overexposed to the sun. This is why you can often find it in after-sun lotions and with aloe-vera to treat painful skin and muscles. “Many people find menthol’s cooling sensation to be uplifting and invigorating. As a result it is used as an ingredient in toiletries and skin care products that are designed to refresh, revitalize, and enliven the skin”




There are other benefits to menthol such as when applied topically it increases the size of blood vessels. This allows a product like Zim’s pain relief cooling liquids to penetrate deep into the aching joints and muscles. Even in thin areas around the lips and face it is effective in increasing bloodflow, which is why it is often found in lip balms and glosses.

You can even consume menthol internally, which is why it is found in many cough drops and cough syrups. The idea is the menthol helps to sooth an irritated throat which can lead to coughing if not helped.

Menthol is a powerful product and ingredient that helps Zim’s pain relief cooling liquids be as effective as they are. Most importantly it helps us to relax, take a deep breath and recover.

What do you think of menthol in products? Do you find it helps you o relieve your pain and calm down after a difficult workout?