Last week on the blog we profiled aloe vera: one of the all natural products that make up all of our Zim’s line of pain relief liquids. Today we are focusing on another ingredient called arnica. This is a very important herb that has been known for generations for its healing and beneficial properties.

Arnica is a  flower that is mostly grown in Siberia but can also be found in temperate weather areas in North America. While the flowers look like daisies, they are more than simply decorative. Indeed, they are used in medicine to help people with lots of applications but primarily for pain relief.

To be more specific, arnica is most commonly used for joint pain, sore throats, and recovery after surgery. However, it is not to be swallowed and should be used only under a doctor’s supervision. In addition, many find it helpful for relief from bruised and swollen muscles.

Some food-safe uses of arnica are popular such as being a flavoring for desserts, candy, baked goods and more. Arnica can also be used to make anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners and the oil is used in many perfumes and cosmetics.

Research also shows early proof that arnica can be helpful in treating many diverse conditions from strokes all the way to acne. The chemicals in arnica even have a special disinfectant capacity and when mixed in a gel, like a Zim’s product, and used regularly. it helps “improve function in people with osteoarthritis in the hand and knee”

Arnica is one of the many all-natural products in the Zim’s line of pain relief liquids that can help you find relief from sore and achy muscles and joints.

Are you familiar with arnica? When have you found it to be effective to use? We’d love to hear your thoughts