This National Coloring Day experience the benefits a pencil or crayon can provide!

There are so many things we do as children that can be good mentally and emotionally for adults to keep doing as well. Coloring or drawing is one of them. September 14th is National Coloring Day which makes it a perfect excuse to get out those crayons or colored pencils and adding some color to your life.

Research has actually shown that drawing helps release serotonin in the brain which is the chemical responsible for happiness and joy. Plus it can help your brain stay active and remember information better. One study “found that participants that doodled were 29% more likely to remember mundane information.” It also just feels good to finish a project even if the end result isn’t high art.

They even have coloring books made for adults these days to help get us started in our creative journey drawing. So happy National Coloring Day!