Hello Zims readers! Today is the 12th of July which means we are squarely in the middle of Summer 2019 and oh what a doozie it has been. With record breaking temperatures across the country we have all been learning to deal with more than a little summer sun. But how do we keep a healthy lifestyle when we are boiling just walking outside? Well, here are a few fun suggestions and we must always remember that we burn more calories in the heat so it really is a win-win situation!

First strategy I would employ is to limit our outside time to the mornings and evenings. Unless you are near water there’s really no pleasure that can be gained from roasting in the midday sun. Mornings and evenings the sun is less brutal and so there is much less chance of developing conditions like heatstroke. 

Second, speaking of water, get out to the water!! Find a local pool, lake or even set up the sprinklers. Swimming is not only a terrific exercise but it also cools down those summer days and it is a terrific opportunity to socialize with others. It is even a ton of fun to prepare for a marathon swim or triathlon over the summer. 

Third, have some healthy cooling treats on hand to snack on and enjoy. For example, frozen grapes are easy to make and delicious. A nice slice of watermelon can totally hit the spot and it is easy to make your own popsicles out of fruit juice or yogurt. 

Finally, make sure you are properly hydrated. Especially in humid environments it can be hard to remember to get enough fluids in your system. The summer sun can also sap us of what we do drink making us prone to dehydration and heatstroke. We recommend having a water bottle with you during the entire day. Do not just wait for mealtimes to drink up. 

Also it wouldn’t hurt to put on some sunblock if you are going to be out in the heat even a little bit! 

Summer can be a joyous time to be alive with sun shining its vitamin D,A and beta-carotene down on us. It’s also a great time for enjoying friends and family and going on the occasional summer vacation. But with the fun also comes the heat and potential health problems. Hopefully these tips will help you to cool off and enjoy the great things about the summer sun! 

What do you like to do to cool off in the summer heat? Please share in the comments section