With July coming and going far too quickly the summer with all its heat is in full swing. This has many of us looking for ways to stay active without being frustrated and/or bored. One great solution is to start training for a triathlon. A traditional triathlon has 3 components: running, cycling and open water swimming. This makes it the perfect summer activity because you can be refreshed with the swimming while also working the more flexible sports of running and cycling into your daily routine. Today we’d like to talk about some of the benefits to becoming a triathlete:

  1. Making Friends- Compared with running which can be done alone preparing for a triathlon is a group experience. We never recommend open water swimming alone and so at the very least the swimming component requires a group to enjoy. This is a great thing because it helps us make friends which is positive on so many levels and makes us more likely to complete our goals. 
  2. Easy Way to Exercise in the Summer- Working out in the summer can be difficult because it is easy to get overheated. Fortunately with triathlon training you can always go swimming to cool off! Even if it is just a few laps it can be very relaxing and important to your overall training for your race. Make sure when you are participating in running or cycling that you keep fully hydrated and take breaks if needed with the high summer heat. 
  3. All-around Body Workout- with 3 sports a triathlete is a well rounded athlete. Each sport works out different muscle groups and pushes the body in unique ways (be ready with Zim’s Max Freeze Pro Formula for some of that post workout recovery)
  4. Never Bored- working on 3 sports keeps things fun and it should ensure you are never bored with your workouts. If you are getting tired running just try cycling for a while or go for a swim! There’s plenty to do for triathletes
  5. Easy to Start- it may be surprising to some but triathlons are actually very accessible to all fitness levels. There are the high fitness Iron Man type events but there are also shorter events with just a 200m swim, 10km cycle, 2km run. Most complete these events within an hour or two  
  6. Ease on Muscles- because swimming and cycling are both non-weight bearing sports they can be great for people with chronic pain and other auto-immune problems. Plus, when you are working out if one muscle group is in pain you can focus on one of the other activities to give your body variety and rest. 
  7. Triathlons are Fun- as mentioned competing in triathlons is a social endeavor both in training and the actual event. This is not a serious sport or at least it doesn’t have to be. At triathlons you will see people cheering each other on and having a good time. It’s challenging but also a really fun time. Almost everyone who enters the world of triathlons keeps at it because it is such a positive experience. 
  8. Healthy You- as with any workout regime preparing for a triathlon will help your body become healthier and will help you to be happier making for a better you both mentally and physically. 

So there you have it! We hope you have enjoyed looking at the positive aspects of signing up for a triathlon. It may appear intimidating but it is actually a super fun sport that should be a great positive in your life both physically and socially. It’s got 3 sports which give it 3 times the enjoyment factor! 

Have you ever participated in a triathlon? What tips would you give to training or racing? We’d love to hear in the comments section.