bingGetting in peak physical shape is challenging and most of us need a little help getting there. Here at Zims we are always on the lookout for new tools and techniques that can make exercising more effective and easier to work into our every day lives.  This is why we were so excited when we stumbled upon a new workout video feature on the search engine This service is smartly designed, easy to use and full of free comprehensive content.

The first aspect you will notice at the bing site is the menus you can use to select the correct workout. There are 5 categories you can sort with: Type (strength, yoga, pilates), Level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), Target Areas (18 different body areas listed such as quads, arms and total body), Focus (11 focuses are listed such as cardio, muscle endurance, power), and finally gender.Do-the-Kettlebell-1-Minute-Burn-Fat-Exercise-Step-7

These categories allow me to set up the perfect workout for me. For example, if I am a woman who wants to do yoga I can select beginner, target areas, flexibility and female and come up with over 30 workouts which fit my specific criteria. And don’t forget this is all completely free!

These videos can vary from 5 to 30 minutes and have a variety of different hosts (most seem to have been made in 2017).

In addition to the videos bing gives you a search engine page full of links associated with the workout you have chosen. In the query results you’ll find everything from scientific articles to additional exercise routines from sites like


Whether you are a new or experienced athlete’s exercise service is a tremendous resource to help you get the right workout routine for you and like I said early: It’s all free!! Please take a look at the site and let us know what you think of it. Does it help you to have a more effective workout or does it not work for your needs? We’d love to hear your experience. Happy exercising!