Here at Zim’s we work hard to provide the best pain relief for your sore muscles and joints. While this is very beneficial, there are other types of pain our muscles can experience including leg cramps that can be excruciating to endure and which may prevent us from exercising the way we would like. Luckily there are simple steps we can take to help us prevent leg cramps and be able to exercise pain free.

Stay Well Hydrated-

Experts recommend we drink around 1 gallon of fluids for men and 3 quarts for women. Most of us don’t even get close to this number and if we do it is probably sugary sodas which can deplete energy rather than hydrate effectively.

Stretch Each Day-

Too often people rush to get started on a run and they forget the essential step of stretching before starting and having a proper warm-up to your work out. Your body is not a Stretch Armstrong and needs time to absorb the strenuous activity exercising places on it. When we don’t warmup the muscles seize up and that’s when we get the painful leg cramps.

Limit or Avoid Alcohol-

Alcohol is a toxin for the body, and it makes organs like the liver work and gallbladder extra hard. If we can keep our drinking to a  reasonable amount than we will be healthier and more productive athletes.

Eat a Balanced Diet that Includes Sources of Potassium and Magnesium-

Whatever diet you subscribe to, whether it be keto, paleo or whatever, it’s important to remember the healthier we eat the better we will feel. You can also add supplements to your diet or try to eat foods high in potassium such as bananas or avocados.

Increase Your Workout Slowly-

If we are hoping to experience the adrenaline from working out it can be easy to be a bit overzealous in our exercise routines. This is why it is good to stretch and then start our routine gradually. With any luck our body will adjust and not begin to cramp up on us. Plus a slower workout can be maintained longer which can help us to maintain peak cardiovascular health

Everybody knows leg and foot cramps are a painful and challenging to experience. Your whole body seizes up and all you can do is to try and shake it off. Hopefully these tips will help you to avoid such pain in the future.

If you have any secrets for avoiding leg cramps please let us know in the comments section.