Happy Thanksgiving!

We here at Zim’s hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday here in America. Thanksgiving is of course most well known as a day of feasting but in recent years it’s become equally known in many households as a day of running. In communities all over the country food banks and other organizations host annual Turkey Trots to help fundraise and provide an event to gather together around and have a lot of fun. However, like any other race, a Turkey Trot requires preparation to be a successful and rewarding experience. Here are some tips we recommend:

  1. Carb Up- even though most trots are only a 5k experts recommend eating a high carb meal the day before a race to give you lots of energy and not feel weighed down by food high in fats or fiber. 

  2. Bundle Up- most runners have a winter workout outfit but make sure you find something that will work with your race bib and safety pins. Also purchase some cheap mittens to keep your fingers warm. 

  3. Review the Route- especially if you are new to running or the course take a look at the route so you don’t get confused. Also you can plan out any breaks you may need to take to go to the bathroom or get water. 

  4. Eat Breakfast- we recommend everyone eats a proper breakfast in general but it is especially important before a race. If you are starving waiting for Thanksgiving dinner you are unlikely to have a good run. 

  5. Join a Team of Racers- the community spirit is one of the benefits of a turkey trot, so why not form a group with your coworkers or friends. It will make it even more fun. 

  6. Have a Blast- Any race can be difficult but one on Thanksgiving should be fun. Don’t take it too seriously. There will be other races for that. 

Participating in a Turkey Trot can be a fantastic way to bond with family and friends and give back to the community. It gets us moving and ready for the big meal and is just a whole lot of fun. Have you ever run in one? Let us know your tips for having a great race in the comments  below!