zims max heat

Right now everyone is looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for the athlete in his or her life. Well look no further! The Zim’s Max-Heat Liquid is the solution. Not only will they love it but it is something they will actually use as it provides relief from the aches and pains caused from running or other exercise activities.

Most of our products provide cooling relief to achy muscles and joints but the Zim’s Max-Heat Liquid focuses on heat therapy from a methyl salicylate liquid that includes peppermint oil and capsicum extract. Like all of our products, the vanishing scent formula makes it easy to use during the day without being disruptive to those around you.

While the cold temperatures during this time of year provide picturesque White Christmases, they can create all kinds of problems for our bodies. Facing the chilly climate forces our muscles to work overtime and as result we experience more soreness and muscle strains. By using the Zim’s Max-Heat Liquid we can still participate in all the holiday fun and nurse our achy muscles with ease.

The product is particularly helpful for neck and shoulder pain and tension. The soft sponge applicator helps you reach the hard to get areas in your back and neck to get the product where it needs to be. It also works quickly so you should feel that heat penetrate the pain in no time at all!

zims max heat2

This holiday season give the athlete in your life something they will actually use and that will help them feel better when they are sore and achy. Zim’s Max-Heat Liquid is available at many stores including CVS Pharmacy, Amazon, Wal-Mart and more so pick it up now!

If you use Zim’s Max-Heat Liquid we’d love to hear your experience. Please put your thoughts in the comments section