For many years the holiday season was not something I looked forward to. They seemed more full of stressed out, squabbling family members and tasks that were supposed to be festive but ended up being exhausting. Granted becoming an adult is often a transition of realizing most of the magical parts of childhood were actually a ton of work for the adults in your life, but still the holidays often felt like more trouble than they were worth. But is this the way things have to be or are there hopes of escaping such a grinchy attitude? Today I am sharing with you some suggestions for what I did to make my holiday season more relaxing and fun. Let us know what has worked for you in the comments section!

  1. Tune the World Out- we all need our devices and TV/Movies but take a second to meditate, relax, and maybe even write in your journal. The holidays are a good time to contemplate our accomplishments over the year and what you would like to achieve in the year to come. Relax!
  2. Appreciate the Flawed- if your cookies don’t turn out right laugh it off as a funny mishap. If an ornament breaks or the lights go off on the house don’t stress over it. Always remember your kids are not going to have their childhoods ruined by an imperfect Christmas. In fact, every mishap gives the holiday more flavor!
  3. Plan Less Activities- make your list of holiday activities and cross at least 2 of them off. Doing too much just makes what you decide to do less rewarding.
  4. Easy Shop- remember the gifts are just a way to show love and they don’t need to be a stressful experience. Shop online, have friends make wish lists, go to a favorite local store or just give gift cards with a thoughtful note attached. Your special ones will love it!
  5. Exercise and Eat Right- sure we all want to indulge a little bit this time of year but you will enjoy your break more if you try to exercise and eat nourishing foods.
  6. Enjoy the Cold- whatever climate you live in enjoy the change in seasons. Christmas is such a nice break from the dull-drums of Winter weather; so, why not revel in it when you can?
  7. Christmas Music- there are so many great albums and songs that go along with this wonderful time of the year. Find the artist you like (almost all have holiday albums) and enjoy the power of music

There are many other steps to an enjoyable holiday season, so let us know what works for you? What do you find the most relaxing and rejuvenating this time of year? Let’s discuss in the comments section.

Happy Holidays, Season Greetings and a Happy New Year!