We’ve all seen it before: the groups of senior citizens power walking through the mall. I know growing up I thought this was so strange. Why of all the laces in the world would you go to the mall to exercise? Well, it turns out there are a lot of advantages to mall walking and those senior citizens knew what they were doing.

mall walking2

The first advantage to mall walking is its safety and security. Most malls are monitored by security and there is not the dangers of vehicles, stray dogs or anything like that. One can also know if there is any kind of medical emergency you can receive help quickly and easily.

The next advantage is the year-round availability. As opposed to other sports that are seasonal, mall walking you can do any time without worrying about rain, snow or excessive heat (most malls are pretty well air conditioned so it is perfect for the hot summer).

Malls also have plenty of bathrooms and water fountains, which are usually better maintained than public restrooms at parks or schools. The only risky part of mall walking is the temptation to undo your workout with a hot pretzel or cookie from one of the vendors! Self control is definitely required!

Many malls encourage mall walkers and you can join clubs or group together with other walkers, which helps with the monotony that walking can be. They may even have club hats, shirts or pins so that security can easily recognize you as a walker.

The final advantage is mall walking can help you get the first look at new merchandise and the best discounts on sales! Imagine how nice that would be during the holidays!

Mall walking can be a great way to workout regularly without problems in weather or security concerns. You can go, meet other walkers and have a great time while slowly becoming more fit each day. It can be the perfect exercise solution!