Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Zims! We hope you are having a wonderful day with the people in your life. One thing nobody loves is pain and getting relief from body aches and sore muscle can be the greatest blessing of all. This is especially true in these cold winter months when our bodies seem to feel that pain even more than we usually do.

That’s where our product Zim’s Max-Freeze Gel comes into play. This easy to use gel is greaseless and applies on easily with a vanishing scent formula.

Zim’s Max-Freeze Gel is recommended for relief with conditions like: arthritis, strains, bruises, sprains. Using natural ingredients such as aloe, arnica, and tea tree oil the gel soothes and relaxes tense and sore muscles and anyone can use that when trying to stay motivated in his or her exercise routines.

Cool treatments cam help to reduce inflammation by decreasing blood flow to the area.  This helps relax the muscle so it can heal and get back to its strong self. After all, it’s pretty much impossible to feel motivated to exercise if your body is in pain!

You can find Zim’s Max-Freeze Gel at major retailers like Rite Aid, Wal-mart, Walgreens and more. For more information on where to purchase the product check here.

Please let us know if you’ve had a chance to use Zim’s Max-Free Gel and what you thought of it in the comments. Thanks!