One of the most underrated ingredients in the Zim’s line of pain relief products is probably the simplest: water. In order to make the product work we need water but it turns out to also be a very important part of not only a healthy lifestyle but healthy skincare as well.


Anyone who has lived in a dry desert climate can attest that dry skin is not a pleasant experience. Especially your hands can get cracked and rough. You can even bleed from a lack of moisture in your skin. This makes it essential we use products which help hydrate and help  our skin feel smooth and fresh.

Some suggestions for those dealing with dry skin are:

  1. Moisturize at Night- some might not realize we lose moisture in our skin while we sleep. This is why it is very important to use a heavier cream or lotion at night so our skin doesn’t become dried out.
  2. Humidifier- with it being May we may feel we are out of the dry and harsh air of Winter; however, Summer also means the beginning of air conditioning with its  cold recirculated air. Adding a humidifier, especially while we sleep, helps keep our environment full of the water our skin and entire body needs to be refreshed.
  3. Drink Water- believe it or not what we eat and drink can impact our skin. While there is no set amount of water that will make for healthier skin, it does help our over-all health, which then in turn helps our skin. In cases of severe dehydration “circulation is directed away from the skin to make sure that your heart can function optimally. In this case, the skin may pay the price.”
  4. Post Shower Moisturizing- we all love a long, hot morning shower but unfortunately it may have a negative impact on our skin! Taking long showers can strip our skin of its moisture leaving it dry and parched. This can be solved by applying a moisturizer when your skin is still wet post-shower. Your skin will sop up the lotion as you apply it and it will keep it from getting flaky and dry.
  5. Don’t Forget Your Hands- with COVID19 we are all working on washing our hands more frequently and for longer time periods. For example, scientists recommend at least 20 seconds (singing Happy Birthday helps) to remove bacteria from off of our hands. We then often apply hand sanitizer after washing. This is all very important but can create nightmares for our skin. Hands can become cracked and painful. Especially after using hand sanitizer it is important to also use a hand cream to help repair the damage done by the alcohol in the sanitizer.
  6. Use Water-Based Products- experts recommend using products for our skin that are water-based as opposed to alcohol or other chemicals. These products nourish your skin and help us look healthier and more alive, which improves overall mental and physical health.

Products like the Zim’s line of pain relief liquids not only help us relax from the aches and pains of life, but they also are made from wonderful ingredients like water. This moisture helps add to the quality of our skin where other products subtract from it. Let’s try extra hard to get the water we need both for the inside and outside health of our bodies! Our skin will certainly be grateful!