Here at Zims we believe our product can help people live productive, pain-free lives.  Over the next few weeks we are going to be sharing tips and suggestions for pain management on different parts of the body. First up is the top of the body with the head.

Anyone who has experienced a migraine or strong headache knows how debilitating it can be. Indeed, it can be difficult to even function at all.


Fortunately there are some steps we can take to help us prevent headaches from happening and manage their pain when they do:

Tips for Headaches

  1. Get Enough Sleep- getting the right amount of sleep has a huge effect on our health in general but studies have shown that getting both too little and too much sleep can trigger headaches.
  2. Drink Water- staying hydrated also helps our health in many ways including having less headaches. Studies have shown most dehydrated people have headache symptoms within 30 minutes to 3 hours later. 
  3. Avoid Alcohol- alcohol exacerbates existing problems by making us even more dehydrated than we would normally be. Also it widens blood vessels which can cause headaches.
  4. Drink and Don’t Drink Caffeine- caffeine is a weird product for this discussion because if you are in the throws of a headache it can actually help. However, you can also have caffeine withdrawals which cause headaches so drinking it should be avoided. Either way monitor your caffeine intake!
  5. Know Your Pressure Points- whether it be acupuncture or massage knowing your pressure points can be a great way to treat headaches. You can even use the Zim’s line of pain relief products to help with those pressure points.

There are many other techniques that can be used to help treat and prevent headaches. No matter what you select, make sure you have a notepad or tablet ready to keep track of what works for you. With headaches what works for one may not work for others.

What works for you in preventing and treating headaches? We’d love to hear your tips in the comments section