Last year for Halloween we profiled blogger Disney in Your Day and her fun posts on cosplay running gear. This is when we create a costume out of our running gear but in a way that still allows us to run with ease and finish our races. Now this year races are canceled as well as most of Halloween, but we still thought it would be fun to talk about ways to dress up your run. This will probably just be for your own personal enjoyment but that doesn’t make it any less valuable. If we’ve all learned anything from 2020 it is that sometimes making yourself happy is the most important  medicine we can take.

Running Skirts

One fun way to dress up a run is to wear a running skirt. This particular example is from iGlow Running on etsy. They have tons of tops and bottoms with all kinds of designs to help spice up your run. Here’s a whole bunch of princess inspired running outfits you can get there.

Athletic wear isn’t known for its creativity or fashion so it’s a lot of fun to see how creative these talented designers and runners can be.


Another way to add some personality to your run is with a tutu. These pops of color and fabric are easy to run with and a ton of fun. You can purchase the one above and many others at GoodysTutuShop on etsy.


For a simple yet meaningful addition to your run try a tshirt with a saying or design. These days there are tons of sites like teepublic where you can support independent artists and designers of all types. The design above from Lady M Apparel is a great way to still run as a team during this difficult time


There are also tons of ways to individualize your mask if you are running in an area where social distancing isn’t possible. The mask above is from iglowrunning. They even have an entire section just for Halloween inspired masks, so it is the perfect place to look for the holiday running gear.

During these tough times we are all looking for ways to find joy in our every day activities. Putting a little flair in our running outfits can be just such a happy embellishment. What about you? Have you ever worked some cosplay into your athletic wear? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section.

Please have a safe and happy Halloween with your families and loved ones.