Not only do we enjoy loads of delicious food on Thanksgiving but for many years annual turkey trots have become a cherished and important part of our holiday traditions. Now with much of the world closed down a busy, crowded race event seems like an impossibility. Luckily creative individuals across the country are coming up with methods to keep the turkey trot tradition alive with virtual runs.

A virtual run is a service that helps create community, inspire others and help you in setting your fitness goals. On the surface it might sound silly to run virtually. Some might wonder how any accountability or proof of participation can be brought out in a virtual run? There is no way to prove people do or do not accomplish their goals, which might seem challenging. On the other hand, there is no real advantage gained from signing up and not finishing the virtual race. Plus, participating is not free so if you are going to pay the entry fee you might as well participate in the event! It doesn’t seem like many would sign up and not at least attempt to join in.

Assuming everyone who signs up is going to attempt to participate, what does signing up entail? Well, it depends some on the race  you are entering but in general each entrant is given a timeframe to complete a distance run- whether it be 1 mile, 5k, 10k or marathon. The money from the race is then donated to good causes such as a food banks and hospitals. You are then sent a package with finishers swag like medals or t-shirts and coupons for area businesses.

One advantage to doing a virtual run is you can participate with people from all over the country. Even international runners can join in the fun as long as they pay the appropriate fee. So, if you have friends at work or family members separated you can all sign up for a race and support each other in your fitness goals. You could even make it competitive with everyone reporting back your finishing times.

Another advantages to a virtual race is time. As we said, most of these races you have multiple days to finish your run. If in the past a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving was too much for you, now you can enter and have 4 or 5 days even sometimes a month to finish your race.

If you do run with a group make sure you are keeping a social distance and wearing your mask to stay safe (as well as following all other local guidance in your area).To find out more about virtual turkey trots check out this information on

We all need support right now both in our fitness and non-fitness goals and entering a virtual race may be just the ticket to get us moving and running! As you get out there and feel the fresh air on your face (or run inside on a treadmill) you will feel a new energy for life and more gratitude for the blessings all around you. Good luck with your race and happy turkey trotting!