It seems like we can all agree 2020 was a year like no other. In fact, it was so unpredictable it may make setting our normal yearly resolutions or goals more difficult than normal. After all, what is to come in 2021? Will be still in lockdown around the US in the summer or will things be close to getting back to normal? How can we set goals in such uncertain times?

The key to successful goal-making and keeping in 2021 is to focus on areas we have control over. Here are some tips:

  1. Elevate your routine- write out your weekly routine and make notes about how your routine has changed in 2020. Then set goals that work within that routine. If your goals feel natural in your day. We are way more likely to succeed at things that feel natural and easy
  2. Involve other humans- whether it be a spouse or roommate you live with or someone virtually let someone know about your goals and perhaps even set the goal with them
  3. Set fun goals- Too often goals are difficult changes in lifestyle like losing weight or stopping smoking. Don’t forget to set some fun goals like perhaps drawing each day if you want to become a better artist. Maybe you enjoy puzzles? Set a goal for that. If you are a runner set a goal to that more. Make it fun!
  4. Set measurable goals- not only is it helpful to have a friend to check up on your goal with but it helps if the goal is measurable and you can track progress. If you have a vague notion of getting in shape as your goal it is less likely to succeed than a specific goal for your workouts or fitness level.
  5. Find joy in the journey- completing a a goal is difficult especially tough goals like losing weight. If we can find joy in the journey than the whole experience will be more rewarding not just the final result. Plus you are more likely to keep the weight off if you haven’t been miserable losing it in the first place.

What about you? How are you going to achieve your goals in 2021? What has worked for you in the past? We would love to hear in the comments section. Don’t forget to use the Zim’s line of pain relief products whenever your goals leads to some aches and pains!