Here at Zim’s we promise to provide products with the powerful pain relief you can trust. The reason we can provide such power is our products are formulated with the maximum menthol content possible. We have an entire post on the power of menthol on this blog but let’s review why it is such a key component for powerful pain relief.

Menthol is a synthetic compound derived from organic ingredients like peppermint and eucalyptus plants. It is made so when the compound hits our skin there is a cooling sensation, which is pleasurable and relaxing. It helps calm torn and damaged muscles down, which provides relief from aches and pain.

Pain relief is partly a mental game and the cooling sensation of menthol helps the nerves to calm down and feel less pain as a result. The more we can communicate with the nerves to relax the less pain we will feel. This is why maximum menthol in the Zim’s line of pain relief products is so vital.

Menthol also helps our blood vessels to expand, which allows our products to penetrate deep into the aching joints and muscles. Even in thin areas around the lips and face it is effective at increasing blood-flow, which is why it is often used in lip balms and glosses. You can even find menthol in food products such as cough drops and lozenges.

The Zim’s line of pain relief products provides the maximum menthol possible for powerful pain relief. No matter what kind of pain you are in we have what it takes to get a break from pain and on your way to an active lifestyle again soon. Here’s to being powerful!