Here at Zim’s we like to use the hashtag #liveyourmax but what does it actually mean? On one hand it seems simple: live life to the max- get all you can out of it. On the other hand, we all know about burn out and how life can get lost in the hustle and bustle of the busyness that surrounds us. So how do we live life to the max and not just be exhausted all the time? Obviously the answer will change from person to person but here is some insight.

  1. Prioritize– we spend a lot of time on tasks that do not add value to our lives. Some of this is necessary (cleaning for example) but it’s always wise to make a list of your dreams, goals and ambitions and then prioritize that list to what is the most important for you to accomplish.
  2. Freelance Time- what I mean by this is a freelancer thinks of their time in terms of units more than most. As opposed to having long projects it’s often what am I doing today, tomorrow, next week and using each hour as effectively as possible.
  3. Use Your Calendar- this is key to freelancing effectively. Whether it is a paper planner or on a device an organized and effective calendar strategy is essential to living to the max 
  4. Plan to Relax- it might sound counterintuitive to plan to relax but if we don’t plan our down time it can often be not all that relaxing. We can spend hours watching mindless television and not get the detox time we actually need (media is fine but purposeful with a designated program is best as opposed to just mindless clicking through channels)
  5. Journal- writing in a journal isn’t just for posterity; although it can be that. Even if you discard the journal (don’t do that!) it is still a beneficial process of cataloging our life and processing what we have accomplished into words on the page.
  6. Sleep well- we spend a huge chunk of our day sleeping and if we can develop a functional sleeping routine our whole life will change. We will be happier, have more energy and be more likely to achieve our goals
  7. Live in the Present- every day is a chance to experience something new and appreciate what you have been given.
  8. One More- wanting to live your max it might be tempting to push your body and mind too far, leading to burn out. What is more effective is to push yourself one more. This means do one more sit-up than you plan, run one more mile, eat one more healthy meal etc. We don’t have to be Olympic athletes by the end of our first month exercising but we can do one more than we did before

So there we have it! Living your max (#liveyourmax) is an empowering concept that will help you have the best life you can have!

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