We all know the benefits from starting our morning out with a healthy breakfast. It gets the body going and the brain running with nutrients for a productive and happy day. The problem is many of our breakfast favorites can be loaded with fat and calories. One example is waffles which can be a simple carbohydrate bomb with butter and sweet syrups weighing it down.

Waffles are of course delicious but can they be made in a healthy way to not start our day off on the wrong track? Fortunately the answer is yes. There are some simple strategies to waffle making that will make them a great choice for breakfast.

  1. Flours- instead of using simple carb all purpose flour sub out for somethin with more nutrients like whole wheat, almond, or buckwheat flour. This is also an easy way to make the waffles gluten free if anyone in your family needs it.
  2. Fruit- fruits like strawberries, blueberries and bananas are healthy and give you vitamin c, potassium and other nutrients. Plus they are sweet without having to add extra sugar
  3. Syrup- if you use syrup make it real maple syrup or agave which has low glycemic attributes. No matter the syrup use sparingly
  4. Peanut Butter- adding natural peanut butter can boost your protein and help you be fuller on less waffles
  5. Butter- most restaurant waffles will have butter inside and on top but if you can get used to fruit or other toppings you will have a healthier meal. (Also use nonstick cooking spray instead of butter on the waffle maker)
  6. Eggs- pairing your waffle with eggs adds protein to your meal and helps to go with less starches and carbs
  7. Juice- juices popular at breakfast can be loaded with highg carb calories. If we can get used drinking water we can eat are calories rather than drinking them.

Here is a recipe for banana oat waffles from Simply Delicious Food.

What about you? How do you like to make your waffles? What tips do you have to make them healthier? We here at Zim’s believe in a healthy pain-free lifestyle. Let us know what works for you!