There is nothing worse than putting in a hard workout and then feeling it the next day. Your whole body seems to be rebelling from your attempts at improving your fitness and life. The muscles, bones and even nerves feel frayed and achy and you need relief. The pain has got to go and it needs to happen now!

That’s why you need to turn to the fast-acting liquid formula contained in the Zim’s Max-Heat Liquid. There are many reasons why this easy to use product is the perfect solution to your achy problems but here are a few:

  1. Long-neck applicator– this is not just for show but the applicator makes it easy to target hard to reach areas on the neck and back.
  2. No need to rub– all you need to do is roll the Max-Heat applicator on to the area in pain. No rubbing or massaging required!
  3. Quick and effective– the warming formula relaxes stiff neck, back and shoulder muscles quickly and effectively.
  4. Natural ingredients– uses natural ingredients like peppermint oil
  5. Heat is helpful- heat improves circulation and blood flow to the heated muscle.

If you are in pain check out the Zim’s Max-Heat liquid. The special formula will provide heat therapy to help relax your muscles and get you back to your energetic pain-free self. Like all of our products, the vanishing scent formula makes it easy to use during the day without being disruptive to those around you. It’s the perfect solution!