With summer weather in full swing most of us are embracing the outdoors and enjoying the beautiful world all around us. This can manifest itself in swimming, hiking, biking and any number of outdoor activities! However, sometimes these activities wear us out and in particular wear our feet out. Luckily there are some easy solutions that will help rejuvenate our feet.

  1. Focus on Flexibility- try out some stretches to help with sore feet. Flex and curl your toes, move your ankles in a circle in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions and stretch your feet against an edge forcing your achilles tendon out.
  2. Soak Your Feet- nothing feels better than soaking sore feet in hot water. Epsom salt can be helpful in relieving inflammation as well as other soaks like baking soda
  3. Massage Your Feet- try rubbing and kneading the bottoms of your feet. This will help loosen up the muscles and make you feel better.
  4. Select the Right Shoes- this may seem obvious but during the summer we may be tempted to wear poorly supporting shoes like flip-flops or strappy sandals. These should be avoided.
  5. Use Zim’s- when we massage and help our feet recover from a work out it is a great idea to use the Zim’s Line of Pain Relief Products. These products have natural ingredients like aloe vera, arnica and tea tree oil which help to reduce pain in a greaseless, vanishing scent formula.

What do you like to do when your feet are sore? Please share in the comments section. Happy exploring!