Here at Zim’s we are always trying to craft the perfect workout that will get our muscles moving. One question that we often ask ourselves is when is the ideal time to exercise.  Should we start the day off with a good run before work? Should we tire ourselves out at the end of the day with a bike ride in the evening? Obviously any exercise is better than none but in the next 2 articles we are going to discuss the benefits of the morning and evening workouts to help you decide what is right for you. 

Morning Workout-

Let’s start with the morning exercise. First, the benefits to morning workouts is it is easier to be consistent. While it is tough sometimes to wake up early in the morning, at least little else is scheduled during those hours. During the evening we are far more likely to have activities that cause us to postpone our exercise, which we wouldn’t have in the morning. 

Working out in the morning may also help your sleep cycle. Research has shown morning exercise can “shift your circadian rhythm so that your body is naturally more alert in the morning and more tired in the evening”. Sleep is a key part of a healthy body so this is a very important benefit. 

Boost Your Mood-

Research has also shown working out in the morning can help us be more productive during the day and boost our moods through the endorphins it can generate. 

What about you? Have you found benefits to working out in the morning or do you find it too difficult to get up early? Next week we will focus on why you may want to consider an evening routine but in the meantime let us know what works best for you. 

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