With September underway we immediately think of images of school buses and apples on our favorite teacher’s desk. But what we might not think of is heavy backpacks, frustrated parents and the chill of cool Fall air. Luckily we have the Zim’s line of pain relief products to help us deal with these problems, and today we want to spotlight the Zim’s Max-Freeze Continuous Spray.

Here are 5 Fun Facts about Zim’s Max-Freeze Continuous Spray

  1. Soothing Formula- the spray is made using some nourishing ingredients such as aloe, arnica, and tea tree oil. 
  2. Maximum Menthol- Our spray has the maximum amount of menthol allowable to provide the most pain relief
  3. Works Quickly- the spray can be used up to 4 times a day. It works in seconds with an on-contact sensation and relief.
  4. Convenient and Discreet- the fine mist applies on easily and the vanishing scent makes it easy to use in your everyday life without bothering other people
  5. Hands-Free- the spray is hands-free and easy to apply. All you have to do is spray and forget it. This makes it easy to get to hard to reach locations like the back, shoulders and neck.

What do you like most about using the Zim’s Max-Freeze Continuous Spray? It’s the perfect product to have in your gym bag or locker to help you when you need relief from pain!

You can find Zim’s Max-Freeze Continuous Spray at major retailers like Rite Aid and Wal-mart and more. For more information on where to purchase the product check here.