Most athletes will agree finding the perfect exercise playlist is a boost to any workout. We have previously talked about the Spotify exercise playlists here on the Zim’s blog but there is another service we can use to find great workout tunes: Amazon music. Today we are going to talk about 4 of these playlists but there are tons that will help you start moving and grooving to your favorite tunes. 

Hip Hop Workout Mix

The Hip Hop Workout Mix is the perfect way to get some zip into your workout. It features 25 songs that all have an energy and beat to them. These include artists like Drake, Lil Nas, Travis Scott and more. Curated by Amazon’s music experts, these songs are chosen for their heavy beat which help us push that cardio as far as it can go. Plus, at nearly 90 minutes it should be more than enough music for any hard workout. 

80s Workout

For something more old-school check out the 80s Workout playlist. This grouping of 50 songs and over 3 hours of music should keep you going with ‘’uptempo music, leg warmers not included”. This playlist features are artists such as Whitney Houston, Olivia Newton John, Gloria Estefan, Blondie and more. 

Country Cardio Workout

If country music is more your style the Amazon Music Experts even have a playlist for you with the Country Cardio Workout. This playlist of 25 songs gives us 80 minutes of music featuring a strong beat with a little bit of twang for a fun time at the gym. Included in the playlist are artists like Luke Bryan,  Thomas Rhett, Miranda Lambert and more. 

Yoga Flow

Finally let’s wind down with the Yoga Flow playlist. This calming playlist gives us 100 songs and over 9 hours of music to help be the perfect soundtrack to your yoga or meditation sessions. It includes artists like Yanni, Jim Brickman, Jeff Pearce and more. 

What are your favorite Amazon workout playlists? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section.