So far in our 5 Fun Facts series we have profiled almost all of our products here on the Zim’s blog. Now we are ready for our final product, Zim’s Max-Freeze Cooling Liquid. With its deep penetrating formula for maximum cooling, this liquid will bring the pain relief you are looking for. 

Here are 5 Fun Facts:

  1. No Need to Rub- after applying the liquid to sore muscles you can leave it and forget it. No more work required
  2. Menthol- 16% menthol in the deep penetrating formula 
  3. Long-Neck Applicator- the special applicator is perfect for hard to reach places in back, neck, and shoulders
  4. Organic Aloe- the aloe in the product is certified organic 
  5. Arnica- the special formula contains arnica extract 

Zim’s Max-Freeze Cooling Liquid can be purchased at Rite Aid, Wal-mart CVS and more. You can find your local retailer here.