For runners there is nothing more exhilarating than a Fall run. The brisk temperature in the air pushes us to go farther and be stronger than we might otherwise be. The muscles seem to come alive as the air grows cooler. All that said, it invites the question of what to wear when going for an Autumnal run? You don’t want to be boiling in too much clothing but also don’t want to freeze? Fortunately the answer to these questions lies in one word: layering. 

The key to effective layering lies in both material and coverage. The colder it is the more of your body you will want to be covered. You want to look for breathable fabrics that expel sweat and other body moisture. If it stays on the clothing it can make you colder and lead to hypothermia depending on how cold the temperature is. 

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Even if it is cold outside it’s surprising how quickly your body can overheat when exercising. A light long sleeved shirt with a running jacket should be great for temperatures in the 40s and 50s. Once it gets colder than that gloves, a fleece headband over your ears and lined leggings are recommended

Make sure to wear socks with smartwool or other waterproof fabric. If your feet get wet, cotton socks will turn into ice bricks around the feet and can cause all kinds of painful problems.

Experts recommend“The rule of thumb is to always dress for a run like it’s 15-20 degrees warmer,”. Our bodies obviously heat up at differing degrees as we exercise so it may take a couple of practice runs to figure out what combination of clothing works best. For many a good strategy is to try a shorter run to get comfortable with the running outfit you’ve selected before going out for a marathon or longer run. 

Whatever you end up wearing for your run make sure to use the Zim’s line of pain relief products for any muscle aches and pains you might experience along the way. Happy Fall and enjoy your runs!