There are few things more painful than a leg cramp. When the muscles seize up we will do almost anything to find relief. Today on the Zim’s blog we are talking about how experts recommend avoiding leg cramps and what we can do to treat them when they do come. 


Fortunately there are several easy ways to help make leg cramping less likely. Most of the suggestions come down to diet and being careful with how we exercise. Here are some ideas:

  1. Stay well hydrated- fluids help your muscles relax which makes them less likely to cramp up. 
  2. Mineral diet- eating foods high in potassium and magnesium can help keep strong muscles. Bananas or avocados are good options 
  3. Limit alcohol- alcohol is a toxin for the body, and it makes organs like the liver work and gallbladder extra hard. If we can keep our drinking to a  reasonable amount then we will be healthier and more productive athletes.
  4. Stretch more- many of us are eager to get onto our workouts each morning; however, if we can take the time to properly stretch before and after exercising our muscles will thank us


If you are unfortunate enough to get a leg cramp there are some simple strategies that can help lessen the pain and get through the experience. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Soak- taking a bath in warm water and perhaps epsom salts may help calm a painful muscle. 
  2. Heat and cold- both temperatures can be helpful in relaxing a seized up muscle. It can be as simple as alternating a hot water bottle with a cold ice pack on the inflamed area. 
  3. Massage- You don’t need to be a professional masseuse to gently massage the cramped up muscles. Just rub the cramped area to get more circulation to the muscle tissue hopefully easing up the cramping
  4. Movement- By stretching and other gentle movements your nerves begin to tell your muscles to relax and the cramping should begin to calm down.
  5. Get hydrated- dehydration can cause leg cramping but also fluids like apple cider vinegar, which is high in potassium, can help muscles function at their best. 

What about you? What strategies help you to avoid cramping and get through it when it does happen? We would love ot hear your experiences in the comments section. And don’t forget to use use Zim’s Max Freeze Cooling Liquid to provide deep pain relief at the heart of the muscle.