In America everyone loves Thanksgiving for the day of family and feasting it provides. However, a more active part of the day has also become a tradition for many families: the turkey trot. Sometimes called a Thanksgiving 5k or Thankful Run these races bring the community together and help provide funds for food banks and other worthy causes.

As enjoyable as the runs can be they do require a little bit of planning to have the best experience.

Here are some tips for having a great turkey trot:

  1. Eat breakfast- don’t wait for Thanksgiving meal to eat. You need some protein and carbs to have a productive race.
  2. Review the route- especially if you are new to running or the area take a look at the the course route before race day. If you racing with children show them the route and tell them how long the experience will be.
  3. Wear layers- we’ve talked about the benefit of wearing layers on this blog before but it’s especially important in an event like a turkey trot where it will begin in the early morning and get warmer as the race continues.
  4. Water and carbs- bring a water bottle with you and some simple carbs like an energy bar to give you a boost throughout the race
  5. Join a team- the race will be more fun if you gather a group of friends or colleagues and race together. You can even race in honor of someone to make it more meaningful
  6. Have fun- racing can be challenging but a Turkey Trot should be a fun community experience. Don’t take it too seriously.

Here at Zims we hope you have a great Turkey Trot and a wonderful Thanksgiving!