Happy New Year!  We here at the Zim’s blog hope you had a terrific holiday season and are embracing a new year full of opportunity! With the start of 2022 many of us are setting goals or resolutions for what we want to change or accomplish in the upcoming months. However, most of us struggle to achieve the these goals so what can we do make our resolutions a solution for success?

  1. Have a plan- the saying goes “a goal without a plan is just a wish”. Especially with something as difficult as losing weight or quitting smoking (2 very common New Years resolutions) having a plan for how you are going to achieve your goal on a daily basis is essential
  2. Write your goals down- many find chronicling their journey with a goal on a blog or journal to be helpful. This can help with accountability but also provide an outlet for the emotional journey that often comes with big life changes.
  3. Set Short and Long Benchmarks- setting a large goal to let’s say loose 100 lbs is admirable but will likely be too daunting for most. We recommend breaking up the goal into more manageable benchmarks like 6 or 7lbs a month. This will help you feel encouraged and excited to keep going.
  4. Have fun- goals don’t always have to be big and arduous. Maybe set a goal to do something creative each day or to smile more? Whatever brings you joy try to do more of it in the new year!
  5. Involve others- not only do group goals provide accountability but they also can be a great way to have support and friends through the process. A lot of people use groups for fitness and diet support but it can be great for other goals like joining a book club to read more or cooking with a friend to better your skills.

What about you? What are some of your New Year’s resolutions and what helps you to achieve them? Please share in the comments section