Previously on the Zim’s blog we have talked about how to deal with cramping and sore feet. Today we are diving into a common pain many experience: headaches.

There are actually over 150 different types of headaches but the most common come from tension, migraines, and our sinuses. Your doctor can help you determine what kind of headaches you are having and what the best solution might be to provide you with relief.

Again, with your doctor’s guidance one helpful tool for some headaches can be essential oils. There are several oils that are most commonly used to treat headaches:

To begin with peppermint oil is often recommended.  To use the oil put a couple of drops in a basic oil like coconut and apply to your temples.

Other oils that are recommended are rosemary, lavender, chamomile, and eucalyptus.’

Another strategy of using both ice and heat can also be helpful for headaches. A heating pad increases the blood flow to your brain while cold temperatures decreases it. Both strategies can be helpful. It just comes down to personal preference and what you think is the most effective

What do you like to use for your headaches? We’d love to read your experiences in the comments section. 

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