We all love getting outside and embracing the world around us. Unfortunately with all that movement can come some muscle aches and pains. Luckily we have the Zim’s line of pain relief products to help us get relief from that pain. Today we are spotlighting one of our most popular products: Zim’s Max-Freeze Cooling Gel.

Why You Should Use Zim’s Max-Freeze Cooling Gel:

  1. Fast acting- gets to the pain quick
  2. Extra strength- more power equals less pain
  3. Long lasting- no need to constantly reapply
  4. Vanishing scent- easy to wear in public without overwhelming scent
  5. 7% menthol- the active ingredient that provides the most relief
  6. Cooling gel- cold therapy helps muscles relax

You can find Zim’s Max-Freeze Gel at major retailers like Wal-mart, CVS and more. For more information on where to purchase the product check here.