One of the biggest barriers to exercise is making it a part of our everyday lives and routines. This can be especially true when trying to schedule the workout in the morning. It’s often the most available time to exercise but that doesn’t mean it is easy. Today we are going to share some tips on how to get out of bed each morning and run even if we are not a morning person!

First, start small.

It can be tempting when setting a new goal to push ourselves hard in our initial enthusiasm. While any movement is good, remember that true success is found in establishing sustainable behaviors. For example, if you go too hard on your first day of running you will probably be sore the next day and not want to move at all; whereas, if you had gone lighter on day one than you might be up for a light run on day 2.

Second, sleep well

It probably goes without saying that if you are fully rested in the morning you are more likely to be up for a strong morning run. The American Sleep Association offers these tips for getting a good night sleep:

Avoid caffeine

Don’t take midday naps

Get into a nightly routine

Plan to go to sleep the same time every night

Stop watching TV or using electronic devices an hour before bedtime

These suggestions can be challenging to implement into our daily lives but if we can we will feel better and be more likely to be up for a morning run.

Third, be ready

As with most things in life, a little preparation can go a long way in having a great morning exercise experience. By making sure our running clothes are cleaned and laid out where we can see them we can make getting started easy especially when our brains are a little foggy from waking up. Some experts even recommend wearing running clothes to bed so it will literally be the first thing we think about when we wake up!

We can also prepare by having our water bottle chilled in the fridge and a healthy breakfast like overnight oats ready to go.

Fourth, find a friend

It shouldn’t be a surprise research has found people are more likely to lose weight if they exercise with a companion who is also trying to lose weight. As humans we need encouragement, particularly for something as hard as  becoming healthy and exercising regularly. Sometimes the only thing that will get us out of bed is knowing a friend is waiting for us and not wanting to let them down in achieving their goals. Plus, it’s just more fun run with a friend!

What about you? What helps you get up in the morning and run even if you aren’t a morning person? What motivates you each day to be your best? Let us know in the comments section