man holding his left shoulder

Each of us feels pain from time to time. Fortunately we have the Zim’s line of pain relief products to help us through those moments. But today we thought it would be interesting to dive into what happens in our bodies when we feel pain.

In the end it all comes down to nerves. When we are injured a signal travels through our nerve fibers to the brain and then we are told how to respond. If we don’t have those nerve pathways working properly we can be numb to pain. Such is the case with conditions like CIPA or anhydrosis.

Different humans can feel different types and levels of pain. If an area of the body is paralyzed or numb we won’t feel anything. Anyone who has gone under anesthesia can be grateful they don’t feel the pain during those situations!

People can also increase their pain tolerances by repeat exposures. For example, a cold temperature may be painful when first arriving at a frozen tundra but later provide no pain after a man or woman lives there for some time. Different parts of the body can also be more pain sensitive than others. Fingers and toes in particular are so close to the nerves that the response from our brain is usually quick when they’ve been hurt in any way.

Fortunately we can usually develop a strategy for dealing with minor aches and pains. We can work with our doctors and medical professionals to help meet all of our needs.

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