There are few things more discouraging than finishing a workout and being full of aches and pains. Luckily we have the Zim’s line of pain relief products that can help provide relief from that pain and get you quickly on to your next adventure. For the next few weeks we are going to be profiling different features of our products and how they can help you be your best self. Today it is the deep penetrating qualities of our Max-Freeze liquid.

When we are in pain we don’t want a surface level-temporary relief. We want a treatment that feels good and penetrates deep into the body. Hopefully then we can get back to training as quickly as possible. 

The Zim’s Max-Freeze Liquid Pro Formula gets to the heart of the pain and with the long-neck bottle you can get to hard-to-reach areas like the upper-back and shoulders. The product has a 16% menthol and is designed to penetrate the skin and work as quickly as possible.

The long-neck bottle and angled neck also helps to avoid any messy application from using the product. It’s the perfect solution for your muscle pain needs.

The Zim’s line of pain relief products can be purchased at Walmart, and other locations. Find your nearest location here.