We all know life can be stressful and sometimes we just need to relax. However, often the very methods we chose for relaxing can do the reverse and actually make us feel more stress and pressure. True relaxation can help you feel healthy and calm in both your body and mind.

  1. Soak up the sun- many of us stare at screens all day for our jobs, which isn’t one of the healthiest behaviors. Getting some sun in your life increases your serotonin and helps stave off seasonal depression and anxiety.
  2. Deep breathing- meditation and deep breathing are effective relaxation strategies. Find a quiet place, breathe in a slow count of three and breathe out. Repeat as many times as you need to feel calm and relaxed.
  3. Keep a journal- this isn’t the kind of journal you share on social media or even keep for posterity (that assumption can add pressure instead of reducing it). There is something cathartic about writing down your worries and trials. It helps us to process life and even vent our frustrations on occasion.
  4. Drink something hot- for this one be careful on the caffeine in coffee or tea as that can add to anxiety but drinking hot noncaffeinated water (with whatever flavoring you enjoy or just by itself) has many health benefits. It not only reduces stress but improves circulation, keeps you hydrated and can aid in digestion. Many people even find the ritual of a morning hot drink to be relaxing in and of itself.
  5. Aromatherapy- science has shown there is a connection between the olfactory system and the brain so aromatherapy such as essential oils can be powerful tools in reducing anxiety. Lavender, chamomile and sandlewood are some of our favorite options.

What are some strategies you use to relax? We would love to hear in the comment section.