Fall is a time loaded with change. The leaves are turning from green to an array of colors, school is starting up again and the heat of summer begins to calm down a little with each passing day. All this change can be both liberating and challenging. That’s why it is helpful to center oneself with positive affirmations that help remind us of our goals and what we are hoping for in life.

Why Affirmations?

If you don’t know affirmations are simple statements meant to bring positive energy and guidance into our lives. They are usually short and concise like a haiku in poetry.

Please share with us your affirmations. What helps you this time of year to stay positive and grounded?


  1. As the leaves fall so does my resentment and fear
  2. I feast on life and the abundance it gives me.
  3. I am flexible with life and open to what is coming up next
  4. I take deep breaths
  5. I trust that everything is under control and what is lost will return
  6. I harvest in the garden of my soul
  7. I drink rich the warmth that surrounds me
  8. This Fall season will bring new adventures and experiences
  9. The cooler air is reassuring and calming
  10. I give myself permission to rest and pause
  11. I will forgive when it is hard this Fall
  12. By nourishing myself, I nourish the world
  13. I will grow in knowledge and power
  14. I will acknowledge those who came before me and honor their sacrifices
  15. Each day is a gift even in a time of suffering. Heal daily

That should get you started! Please share with us your daily affirmations. What helps you to feel calm and embrace your body and spirit? We would love to hear in the comments section. Happy Fall!