Deciding on an exercise routine can be one of the most challenging parts of getting into shape for any man or woman. There are so many factors that come into play- do we workout in the morning or after work? Do we eat before a workout or wait until after? How long should we exercise? These are all important questions but another one to consider is whether we should workout solo or with others? Both strategies have their benefits so let’s talk about it:

Solo Workouts

There are lots of benefits to exercising alone. Most importantly when alone we get to decide what exercise we are doing and at what pace. If we want to push ourselves extra hard we can. If we want to do half weights, half cardio we can. We are also open to any time that works well for us and any place we want to exercise at without regards to another’s budget or location.

The benefits of a group workout are probably fairly obvious. We all have times in our exercise journey we need encouragement and exercising with others can provide that needed boost. For many just having someone there to get us out the door is beneficial and motivating. Friends can also push us to go harder, faster, lift more than we might otherwise do on our own and they can help spot us in doing some exercise like bench lifts at the gym. It can also be fun to participate in team sports like water polo, basketball or soccer. Many people even make friends by signing up for area adult leagues and pick-up games. 

What about you? Do you prefer solo or group workouts? What is your strategy? 

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