With the busyness of the holidays behind us now we start the annual tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions or goals. This can be a healthy practice allowing us to start the new year fresh and invigorated with renewed commitment to overcoming our weaknesses and achieving our dreams. However, in all these resolutions to quit smoking or lose weight we sometimes forget an important goal: one of making time in our lives to recover and relax.

Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash

It might be surprising to learn how important relaxation is to our overall health. Research has proven that taking time unwind and relax keeps your “heart healthier, cuts stress, reduces muscle tension, improves brain function and memory, and helps you avoid depression.” Who wouldn’t want all of these benefits?

And this is not just true for adults, children benefit greatly from time to unwind and process their at times over-scheduled lives. “Children can feel anxious and exhausted trying to keep up with academic pressures, peer problems and packed schedules. Like adults, children need to escape stress so they can restore their still-developing bodies and minds.” Relaxation time can be a good way for parents to bond with their children but it can also be important to give kids quiet time where they are alone and free to decide what feels good to them.

There are many ways we can relax such as deep breathing, meditation, light exercise; however, some things we think are relaxing, such as watching television may actually be adding to our stress without us realizing it. Make sure to take time to actually listen to your body to see what activities it intuitively benefits most from.

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