January means the start of a new year and all the hope and excitement that brings! Here at the Zim’s blog we hope you have a wonderful beginning to the year and all your goals and dreams begin coming true! Like we did last year we thought it would be beneficial to share with you some affirmations to help start off the new year right.

Photo by Adnan Mistry on Unsplash

An affirmation is a simple positive statement declaring a goal or hope. These statements help give your life purpose and make it easier to shut out moments of doubt and feelings of fear and anxiety.

New Years Affirmation

  1. I choose to be happy in new ways each day
  2. I will become a new person as I grow this year
  3. Each day I will look for ways to serve others
  4. I will embrace change each day
  5. Each day I will find something to love in 2023
  6. My life is improving each day
  7. Each day I will find someone to serve
  8. I will let go of my anger and forgive others
  9. I feel healthy and excited about life!
  10. I will smile more each day
  11. I embrace all the hope and positivity a new year provides
  12. I will seek out nature and enjoy the world around me more this year
  13. I will find joy in my work and boost the spirits of my coworkers
  14. Each day is full of happiness and joy
  15. Each day I will find calming, peaceful moments
  16. I will reach out to loved ones I have lost contact with
  17. In 2023 I will be a better friend and person
  18. I will move my body each day and experience all of nature around me
  19. I will write in my journal regularly 
  20. Each day there are gifts all around me to be grateful for 

What about you? What are your affirmations for 2023? How are you working to stay hopeful and positive? Please share in the comments section!