Lately the weather has been quite extreme over most of the United States particularly in Los Angeles where they had snow in February for one of the first times in years. With this wild weather it can be a little unsettling and we sometimes need some help to calm down and refocus on what matters. This is why we need affirmations.

Photo by TOMOKO UJI on Unsplash

If you don’t know affirmations are simple positive statements meant to bring positive energy and guidance into our lives. Here we go:

  1. I embrace nature and the world around me
  2. Each day my life is full of happiness and joy
  3. I will reach out to loved ones and listen to their stories
  4. My life is growing and changing each day
  5. I will embrace calm and peace in my life
  6. I will appreciate stillness in my own life
  7. I will take time to contemplate each day
  8. I will dance in the rain
  9. Problems are solved one day at a time
  10. I will choose to find joy in each day
  11. I feel beautiful and at peace
  12. I am setting forth on adventures and new goals
  13. I am surrounded by love and kindness wherever I go
  14. I am looking for ways to serve each day
  15. I will be open to new people and experiences
  16. I am a creative force to be reckoned with

So there you have it. What affirmations do you find comforting especially when nature veers in the extreme? Let us know in the comments