One of the biggest barriers to exercising on a regular basis can be dealing with sore and achy muscles. After all, who wants to go for a run or pump some weights if we know we will be in pain the rest of the day or perhaps longer? Fortunately relief is available and today we are spotlighting one of our favorite products: the Zim’s Max-Freeze Cooling Liquid.

Max Freeze Cooling Liquid

  1. No Need to Rub- after applying the liquid to sore muscles you can leave it and forget it. No more work required
  2. Menthol- 16% menthol in the powerful formula
  3. Deep Penetrating- get to the heart of the pain for quick relief
  4. Long-Neck Applicator- the special applicator is perfect for hard to reach places in back, neck, and shoulders
  5. Organic Aloe- the aloe in the product is certified organic
  6. Fast Acting and Long Lasting- get quick relief for hours
  7. Soft Sponge Applicator- the unique applicator gets just the right amount of product for every curve of the body

You can find your local retailer for Zim’s Max-Freeze Liquid here.