With warmer weather finally coming along most of the country many of us are embracing the outdoors and all the fun it has to offer. Whether it be a leisurely walk, a mountain hike or in a few weeks a lake swim, getting out in to nature can be one of the most refreshing parts of this time of year.
With that activity can come sore muscles that may have been hibernating for the last few months. Here’s how we like to loosen those up:
Shoulder stretch – Bend your elbow and hold your left arm shoulder high. Grip the elbow with the right hand and pull across the chest towards the opposite shoulder. Release and try 3 times then switch arms.
Neck rotation – Drop your chin down and make a circle with your head. Repeat in the opposite direction. This can be done 3-5 times.
Forward bend – Begin in a seated position with your legs together but extended straight forward on the floor. Knees can be slightly bent. Bend forward and grab your feet or ankles. Without rounding your spine, move your head towards your feet as much as possible. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds and repeat twice.
Quadriceps Stretch – Begin by lying flat on your stomach. Raise your left leg by bending your knee and grabbing your foot or ankle with your left hand. Pull your hand gently towards your head and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat with Right side. Remember to keep your feet flexed.
These are a few of our favorite ways to loosen up, warm up our muscles and help prevent injury during the workout. What are some of your main stretches?