Do you love to hike but find it hard to do in the Summer?

Many of us love nothing more than getting out in nature and exploring the hills and mountains that surround us with a good nature walk or hike. Unfortunately, this can be difficult in Summer months when the temperatures are so high and our stamina isn’t as strong.

Here are some tips for summer hiking:

  1. Hike in the early morning- getting up to see a sunrise can be exhilarating and the temperatures are cooler before the sun is completely out
  2. Hike in the evening- obviously once the sun has set the temperatures go down just like in the morning. Plus, an evening hike can be a great way of processing the stresses of our days
  3. Bring Zim’s Max-Freeze Liquid along for the hike. The easy to use applicator makes it quick apply to any part of our body aching or in pain
  4. Keep hydrated and begin the hike with ice in your water bottle so it stays cool and satisfying
  5. Take breaks- especially in a strenuous hike there’s no shame in taking some breaks and making sure your mind and body are enjoying the experience
  6. Don’t hike alone- if the heat does get to you it’s important to have someone who can help if you get woozy or begin to cramp. At the least make sure someone knows where you are hiking when you set out.

What tips do you find helpful when hiking in the summer? Make sure you check out the Zim’s line of pain relief products. You can find where to buy them here.