Most every small city in America has one or more bowling lanes making it a very accessible and fun activity that can be enjoyed at any age and be done year-round. It’s also an easy low impact way to stay active, make friends and improve at a skill! Here’s some more reasons it makes for a great family activity:

Muscle strength – start out with a lighter ball if that works best for you and work your way up.
Improve flexibility – you might be surprised how many muscles are used bowling but this is a great way to help keep them loose!
Cardio – even though it’s low impact, you’re still staying active and raising your heart rate.
Stress relief – by combining physical activity and a social outing, this is an ideal way to decompress from day to day life! Plus you can join a league or participate in cosmic bowling or other activity nights at your local lanes.

Family activity- there aren’t a lot of activities that family members of all ages can participate in and have a good time but bowling is one of them. Everyone from Grandma to little tykes can join in the fun.

Are you a big bowler? If not, we highly recommend giving it a try. Get fit, bowl a bit.

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