Have you ever read about a treasure hunt and wished you could go on such an adventure?

Well one modern way to have family fun and explore nature is to go geocaching. According to National Geographic geocaching is “a series of hide-and-seek games, where hiders provide online clues for seekers” Basically organizations and individuals leave “hidden treasures” for geoachers to find by using their GPS devices as well as other clues found online. Because the organizers want to keep the hobby safe the objects aren’t in any dangerous places like within 150 feet of railroad tracks. You also won’t find valuable objects, food or other item that could be easily damaged in geocaching.

You will, however, find in the hobby a fun excuse to get out of your house and explore the nature that surrounds you. Many people find trails and hikes they didn’t even know existed through following the geocaching clues. Some national parks do not allow geocaching so make sure it is permitted in your area. More information on geocaching can be found here.

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