While our products can be used for any type of muscle pain relief, we have a lot of customers who are runners. Running is such an easy sport to participate in with a low cost of entry that it remains one of the most popular sports for adults. The problem with running is it can be a bit boring and repetitive. Fortunately we have the perfect solution to spicing up your runs: podcasts! Podcasts about running to be more exact. Here are some of our favorites.

The Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll bills himself as a ‘wellness evangelist’ and that is essentially what his podcast provides. He does 2 to 3 long episodes a week (most over 100 minutes) on all kinds of topics that will interest runners.

In fact, this podcast could be interesting to non-athletes as well. He almost always has a guest on with him and they talk about life lessons, goal setting and more. We may all be converted to this evangelist after a few listens!

Running Rogue

Running Rogue is a podcast put on by the website roguerunning.com and is designed to help marathon runners reach their goal. Each week we get updates on the latest nation-wide marathon winners and loads of tips, tricks and workout suggestions.

For example, a recent episode is entitled ‘8 Common Training Mistakes’ where he warns against not running enough days, skipping recovery days and more. Host Chris is engaging to listen to and very encouraging for professional and amateur runners.

The Running for Real Podcast

If you are looking for a female voice in the running podcasting world The Running for Real Podcast is a great option. Hosted by Tina Muir gives great tips and suggestions for entering marathons and setting goals but she also is very encouraging and inspiring.

The goal of Muir’s podcast is to ‘motivate you and help YOU run YOUR best!’. I was particularly impressed with a recent interview she did with runner Kara Goucher who turned in her coach to the FBI after years of poor treatment. Her journey was inspiring and should help convince anyone to be bold in running and life. Love it!

Inside Running Podcast

Sometimes the production values aren’t the best on this podcast but if you are looking for one with a group dynamic Inside Running Podcast is a lot of fun. Hosts Brady, Julian and Bradley are all marathon runners and they talk about their individual training, how things are going and what has been working for them lately.

They also have gear reviews, guests, and other helpful tips. It also seems like all 3 are genuine friends and enjoy talking to each other. It’s fun to be part of the friends-group as a listener and makes the listening experience fun.

Triathlon Taren

If you are a triathlete you definitely want to check out the Triathlon Taren podcast but even if you aren’t you should listen. They have a very clever set up where Taren is the triathlete and co-host Kim is not. She’s even billed as NTK (No Triathlon Kim). Her job is to ask questions and to keep things light and fun. It really works and makes for an entertaining listen. They have guests in their ‘Coach’s Corner’ series and focus on ‘not suffering through training’ but making it an enjoyable part of life. It works!

So what are some fitness or running related podcasts that you like? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section. Happy listening and running!