Whether you are working as an essential employee or quarantined at home all of us are going through a stressful experience with the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc across the globe. One way to relieve stress is to get a massage but with social distancing going to a masseuse is probably not the best idea. However, there are ways to give yourself a massage that can be effective at calming sore muscles and relieving stress.


One effective method is to use tennis balls to help isolate trigger points and get to spots that you can’t work effectively with your hands alone. When we are back to traveling again many experts recommend including one or 2 tennis balls in your suitcase to help with simple stretching exercises.

If you want to get to larger areas like your upper and lower back a foam roller can be a good tool for massaging your muscles. Usually these rollers can be purchased for under $20 so it is a good investment to make (the average massage will cost you much more than that).

Finally, you can administer self massage to your neck, head, feet and other accessible areas. This has actually been proven to help increase the effectiveness of an actual professional massage so it is a good skill to learn regardless of being on quarantine or not. Particularly if you suffer from headaches learning the trigger points and how you can focus on them can be a lifesaver.

The whole line of Zim’s products can be a great tool for helping in your self massage. The ingredients in all the products are designed to help relax your muscles and provide deep pain relief. They also help the pain relief to last longer and be more effective than just using ordinary massage. In addition, the products with the roll-on applicators are particularly helpful at getting those hard to reach areas. Zim’s products can be purchased at retailers across the United States including Rite Aid, Amazon.com, Walmart and more.