We’ve talked a lot on the Zim’s blog about the benefits of heat and massage on sore muscles. But what if you could combine the two for top tier pain relief and relaxation? You may be able to do just that with a hot stone massage. If you haven’t heard of it this is a type of massage that uses stones, usually made of volcanic rock (that retains heat well), to heat and relax tense parts of your body.

Typically the stones are heated between 130 and 145 degrees and are placed on your back, chest and neck. However, they can even be helpful for places like the feet, face and shoulders. A massage therapist may use stones as a tool as they use techniques like Swedish massage which can help relax the entire body.

Hot stone massage can also help reduce stress and anxiety and promote better sleep. After all, anything that can help us to relax is a positive thing for our overall health.

The Zim’s  line of pain relief products can also be used as part of our muscle pain treatment and care routine. Whether it be the Max-Freeze or Max-Heat Liquid we have just the solution to relax your muscles and get you back to peak training again quickly.

Have you ever gotten a hot stone massage? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comment section